Decorating or maybe even interior styling seems to be something that can be kind of tricky for some people. I have gotten a few questions about it on Instagram so I thought I'd share a few general tips that I think most people can apply to their space, no matter the style or the square footage.

Embrace the Editing Process

As with many things, we usually want instant gratification. We want to have our spaces completely decorated and finished quickly so that we can get back to other things on our to do list and just enjoy the space. While I do think every home should be a joy to be in, I don't know that being completely finished decorating can ever be truly accomplished. I say embrace the editing/refresh process. I generally style something and leave it for a few days - if there's something off about it, I edit. I add a few things, maybe move other pieces else where. Maybe the layout isn't quite as aesthetically appealing as I thought or maybe it's just not practical. Whatever the case, I come back and edit as the days pass, and I eventually get it set up exactly how I want it for the time being. Don't be afraid to revisit previously styled/decorated nooks with a new eye. I have done this a few times for both the console table behind the sofa and the bar cart.

Pay Attention to the Colour Palette

If you have different styles, using color as a theme throughout the space is the easiest way to keep the room feeling cohesive. Sticking to a colour palette also helps to give more order. A really good rule of thumb is the 70-20-10 rule - 70% of the space being the primary colour (usually neutral) and the others (20% and 10%) being the bolder accent colours. This acts as a way to keep your colour usage in check and also in balance. This doesn't mean that you can only have three colours, but limiting your spaces to three main colours is usually a good call.

Always Be Practical

Don't style things only for the sake of how they look - it's not going to work out in the long run. Consider flow and just be practical about placement. Something that you use every day maybe shouldn't be difficult to reach. Maybe you shouldn't stack items on top of a pile of books that you actually want to read.

Don't Forget About Your Angles!

It might sound like advice straight out of America's Next Top Model, but consider angles and how things group together when styling. Everything should have a flow and should be visually interesting (meaning there should be some diversity going on). You don't want everything to be placed the same way, have the same texture, or to have the same lines. Juxtaposition is key to decorating and interior styling.

That's all - I hope that these aren't too basic or general so as to be unhelpful... hopefully they instead apply to many of you and can help you when organise

and styling your home.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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